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Solorider Industries, Inc in Centennial, Colorado 80112 USA

Golf Cart Dealer - Solorider Industries, Inc Centennial Colorado


 Name: Solorider Industries, Inc
 Address: 7315 S. Revere Parkway Suite 604
 City: Centennial State: Colorado Zip: 80112 Country: USA
  Phone: (303) 858-0505   Fax: (303) 858-0707 Toll Free: 800-898-3353

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Description: SoloRider Industries, Inc. was founded in 1994 as American Golf Car Inc. by Roger Pretekin. Mr. Pretekin has over 20 years experience in the golf industry, and was closely associated with PGA Tour events for a number of years. During the early 1990's, he became aware of the large numbers of persons with disabilities who desired access to attend pro tour events. As he became more aware of these needs, he began to think of ways that persons with disabilities could not only watch golf, but also participate in golf. This awareness, and the associated desire to provide accessibility to persons who might not otherwise have that opportunity, led him to form American Golf Car.

The company's first attempt to design an accessibility vehicle was a small scooter-type vehicle. In testing this vehicle, it quickly became apparent that scooter-type vehicles would not provide an adequate solution to the accessibility issue on golf courses. They were not stable on slopes, moved too slowly, did not provide a smooth ride, and did not provide enough range to be acceptable. The company then set out to create a vehicle that was a complete solution to the outdoor accessibility issue. The result of this extensive effort was the AteeA® - "the safest solution to outdoor accessibility". The AteeA® is slightly smaller than a standard two person golf car. This configuration, along with a patented frame layout and battery location, provides unparalleled stability. The AteeA® is the only accessibility vehicle that exceeds applicable ANSI golf car safety and stability requirements. Additionally, the AteeA® provides a patented seat swivel mechanism that enables the user to lock the seat in an infinite number of positions - allowing the golfer to address the ball properly. The vehicle also provides ergonomically designed hand controls, transfer bars to ease entry and exit from the vehicle, a convenient front loaded golf bag and assistive device holder, and numerous other features.

Extensive testing since 1997 has proven the AteeA® design to be right on target. Numerous customers (who had evaluated and disqualified other accessibility type vehicles on the market) have evaluated the AteeA® and named it the car of choice for ADA accessibility.

In early 1999, the company changed its name from American Golf Car to SoloRider Industries to more clearly describe the company's focus on single-rider vehicles. Since the cars are multifunctional and can be used in parks, on beaches, in gated communities, etc., the company did not wish to have a name that implied a limitation to golf.


Solorider Industries, Inc in Centennial, Colorado

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