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In the News

Sandy, UT.   Alpine Products, Inc. announces a new cart restoration technology that will make faded plastic and rubber look like new again for less than $2.00 per cart!  Detergents, time and ultra violet rays take their toll on black surfaces leaving them dull and gray.  This is unlike any other product that you may have used.  Our uniquely formulated ?Black Restore?? coating adds carbon black back into plastic and rubber giving it a protective coating that will repel the harmful effects of the sun and extend the life of the cart, and does so without silicone and leaves no oily residue.

Rear Fender Pad   The second part of this system is our TUF-Coat? Tire Shine/Clear CoatThis equally unique water based formulation seals the finish and adds additional protection. When used alone, the clear coat will protect and prolong the life of new surfaces without the need for Black Restore. It is a flexible coating that seals in factory lubricants and elasticizers, which are necessary to keep rubber and plastic pliable. 

Superior UV blockers prevent tire sidewalls from cracking and graying. It is easily applied with a sponge and dries to the touch in seconds. Once the initial application is complete, touch up is a Before & After breeze. 

No masking necessary, just wipe any uncured coating from painted surfaces with a damp cloth. Like Black Restore, it leaves no oily residue and treated surfaces are never slippery, unlike silicone-based products. There are no harmful solvents or petroleum products in the coating that can damage tires, rubber or plastic panels. Use on aluminum to keep it looking new and prevent future corrosion and tarnishing.  No more of that ugly black stuff on your hands and clothing from rubbing against untreated aluminum. Since it is water based, cleanup is a breeze. It truly is a maintenance free finish that will last for months. The long lasting shine provided by TUF-Coat will withstand repeated high-pressure washing with practically no effect. No harsh cleaners or degreasers are required once TUF-Coat is applied. A quick washing with clean water and a soft brush is all it takes to maintain the finish.  Adding mild soap to the water will help remove dried on mud and dirt, which will release 4 times easier than when untreated.  It absolutely outperforms all other products!  No other product even comes close to lasting as long as TUF-Coat.  With TUF-Coat, your carts always look great!

Available in bulk.  Distributors welcome.

For more information, visit our web site at or call: 801 520-5570

For more information click here


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