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Battery Power Solutions, Inc. introduces THE BATTERY LIFE SAVER?. Using breakthrough WaveČ Resoration Technology?, THE BATTERY LIFE SAVER is the first ever electronic device that will actually restore underperforming golf car batteries. It will also keep performing batteries performing for well beyond their normal lives.

Battery costs are going up while profit margins are going down. Replacing batteries is time consuming, messy, and requires significant overhead. When batteries do not perform as expected, customers are unhappy. Even if batteries do perform "as expected," it isn't always good enough.

Batteries have been the weak link. That is not the case anymore. Every golf cart, NEV, or other electric powered vehicle that you sell can have batteries that significantly outperform expectations. Furthermore, every individual who has an electric powered vehicle will want this product.

Why Do Batteries Go Bad? The primary reason that batteries go bad is the accumulation of a particular type of lead sulfate on the plates. As the lead sulfate forms, the sulfuric acid inside the battery weakens and the plates become less conductive. The battery holds less charge and it heats up more, causing it to use more water. The cart slows down and has to be charged more often.

How does it work? THE BATTERY LIFE SAVER sends a unique series of frequencies through the battery bank that causes each lead sulfate crystal to go back into solution. As the acid goes back to normal strength, the plates go back to normal, and the battery bank will hold a full charge. Also, the batteries stop using excessive amounts of water.

How soon will your clients see results? If the batteries are underperforming, your clients should see measurable results in one to two weeks. In two to four weeks, the batteries should be significantly improved.

How easy is it to use? You just use one BATTERY LIFE SAVER on a bank of batteries. Attach the positive and negative leads and forget it. That's all.

MSRP: $59.95 For a free booklet and Dealer/Distributor information, call 727-442-3090

Battery Power Solutions, Inc.
805 Park Street, Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone: 727-442-3090
Fax: 727-446-8900


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