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Florida Company Reinvents Golf Car Wheels

ORLANDO, FL-An Orlando entrepreneur has created a unique golf car accessory that is the first of its kind: plastic hubcaps that customize the entire surface of the wheel. John D. Smith, CEO of Clever Covers, Inc said his company has been manufacturing its patented wheel covers/hubcaps since 1996 primarily for car, pickup truck and van's wheels. "We started targeting the custom & collegiate golf car hubcap market in late 2003 and it has really taken off."

What makes these hubcaps, aka Clever Covers®, different from other golf car hubcaps is that Clever Covers® are flat, with 8.5 inches of space (8" wheel) that can be customized with 4-color golf course logos, advertising, or licensed NCAA & NFL team logos. They are made of PVC Plastic, screen printed with fade-resistant UV ink, and attach directly to golf car wheels with an industrial-strength fastening system. Says Smith, "Most golf car dealers offer several different types of hubcaps (i.e. turbine-style, Ninja or Astro).

There is not a competing hubcap product on the market that allows for the printing of a colorful logo on the entire surface. These ordinary hubcaps do not offer any type of branding or identity. Clever Covers® cost about the same as generic golf car hubcaps, but will give the golf course, advertiser or golf car owner high visibility."

Mr. Smith reveals an interesting anecdote in the company's history: "In 1997, I asked the owner of a well-known NASCAR racecar to allow us to speed test a set on his car. The car peaked at 140 mph for 15 laps and our wheel covers stayed on. This successful test on Dale Earnhardt's racecar proved that 20 mph on a golf car is no sweat."

In addition to its custom capabilities, Clever Covers, Inc. is licensed with over 20 colleges and manufactures Clever Covers® featuring popular collegiate logos. Available colleges include Penn State, Georgia, Alabama & Ohio State. Clever Covers, Inc. will add a college if they see demand for it. Clever Covers, Inc. also has a number of NFL teams available as part of its Die Hard Fan series.

Clever Covers, Inc. owns U.S. Patents 5,931,543 & 6,309,027 on the trade secrets and has additional patents pending. They are the exclusive manufacturer in the world and produce everything in their Orlando factory. Clever Covers, Inc. has been profiled in USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine and on For more information, please call them at 877-253-8371 or 407-423-5959.  




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