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Premium Golf Car Steering Wheels Designed by Jim Paulis now available.


 Jim Paulis introduces a signature line of premium golf car steering wheels to the golf car market. Wholesale only.

ďItís a unique ideaĒ said Jim, designer and manufacturer of Jim Paulis Steering Wheels, because there is a model to give each golf car your own unique personalityĒ

Jim Paulisís signature design hand-made steering wheels are available in exotic materials, such as mother-of-pearl, coral shell, also available are hand painted burl, carbon fiber and airbrushed models with a variety of painting styles - and new styles always in the works. Jimís steering wheels are available through distributors only. They are available right now, you may email us at  to find a distributor or to register as a distributor. You may view many styles at

The images only show part of the story. Images do not show the true value of each steering wheel. Holding one in your hands is the true test of quality.

Here is what Electric Car Distributors has to say:

ďJimís designs have helped our golf car sales and give that WOW factor when customers see them on our showroom display models. I highly recommend Jim Paulis steering wheels. Experience more sales like we do."

Jason Stella

Electric Car Distributors, Americas #1 golf car retailer.
Rancho Mirage, CA

For additional information contact us by phone or visit us on the web at

Jim Paulis Golf Car Steering Wheels
Premium Wheels - Available Now
(951) 694-4440
(951) 694-4442




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