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Eagle Golf Cruiser

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Introducing a new and innovative electric single rider golf cart. This exciting product weighs only 231 lbs, minimizing turf damage. It Performs 2 rounds of golf on an 8-10 hour charge and speeds up play by up to 20%. Course travel reaches a new level of fun with this easy to operate golf cruiser reaching a top speed of 12 km/hr. It truly is the star attraction of any golf course.

Dealer Opportunity
The “Eagle Golf Cruiser”™ is an innovative creation aimed at bringing the game of golf to a new level. It’s modern styling and single seat ride makes it the star attraction of any golf course. This exciting unique single rider cart is a 4th generation proven product in over ten countries. Unveiled for the first time in North America at the 2007 Industry Golf Show in Anaheim, California. It’s sleek look and many beneficial features impressed superintendents, General Managers and industry attendees.

Main selling features;

• Lightweight (231 lbs) minimizes turf damage (less than 3 lbs/sq inch)
• Completes 2 rounds of golf on an 8-10 hour charge
• Speeds up play up to 20%
• Enables golfers to focus on their own game
• 12-month manufacturer warranty

The Eagle Golf Cruiser is competitively priced at approximately half the cost of a traditional golf cart. The cruiser will provide the dealer with an innovative alternative to course travel and good financial returns.

• Exclusive territories available.

• Leasing programs and inventory capital financing available.

For more information, contact

Gus Karagiannis, Director of Business Development and Operations

Phone (416) 729-2010




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