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Hardy Rider Co., Inc.
12345 Road 505
Philadelphia, MS 39350

PRESS RELEASE December 6, 2002


Until recently, the only information to be found concerning a 4-wheel-drive golf cart consisted of a handful of jokes and wishful thinking from golfers and hunters challenged by rugged terrain.
Not anymore. Hardy Rider Co., Inc. has galvanized the golf cart industry with its one-of-a-kind 4-wheel-drive kit designed exclusively for golf carts.
The Hardy Rider 4x4 mounts on a Club Car or E-Z-GO golf cart. The kit includes an electric motor, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, front and rear lift kits, front bumper and all components for a front wheel drive hydraulic system. 

Golf carts can easily be converted to ATV's with the Hardy Rider 4x4. The Hardy Rider 4x4 will double or triple the horsepower of the existing cart, allowing the cart to easily climb steep hills with rocky terrain.

Approximate Specifications:
* Add up to 3.5 or 4.5 HP to your hill climbing or mud driving performance
* High torque at low speed up to 6 or 8 mph
* Use either front or rear wheel drive or both at the same time, front wheel for forward only

Kit Includes:
* Electric motor
* Hydraulic pumps
* Front and rear lift kits
* Front bumper
* All components for a front wheel drive hydraulic system
Target Market:
* Golfers
* Hunters
* Outdoorsmen
* Retirees
* Naturalists





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