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Leading the Charge
For over a hundred years batteries have been recharged pretty much the same way. Today, the Dynapulse™ battery restoration chargers are changing all of that with its unique patented battery “plate scrubbing technology”. When a battery loses power and fails to perform we usually need to replace it with a new or a reconditioned battery as quickly as possible. With our current economy and its slow rate of recovery, even a reconditioned battery set is an expense we tend to invest more time and thought into before actually making the purchase for our fleets. With reconditioned batteries becoming the consumer’s new first choice, more and more companies and city government agencies are looking to lengthen and strengthen the life of their Deep Cycle and SLI batteries with Dynapulse™ battery restoration chargers.

Whether they own or rent fleets of forklifts, forklift batteries, golf cars, or manage city fleet yards and solar traffic lighting departments, the Dynapulse™ is leading the charge with its unique ability to quickly restore sulfated and acid stratified lead acid batteries. What separates the Dynapulse™ from other chargers is that it removes sulfation quickly and without generating the plate damaging heat caused by constant current chargers and other high frequency pulse chargers. The Dynapulse™ reconditions, restores and recharges all types and voltages of lead acid batteries with a highly effective US patented low frequency high AMP pulse technology. There is no other battery restoration charger that is as fast and effective as a Dynapulse™ and there is no other system recommended for use by the US military other than our military version of the Dynapulse™ called the AC25C, made by Power Products Inc.

Changing Battery Recharging As We Know It

 Imagine the cost savings these battery restoration chargers can provide for your company with simple in-house battery reconditioning. If you are a golf car service provider, a Dynapulse™ could allow you to offer basic battery reconditioning and maintenance services to boost your revenue. Sulfated golf car batteries can be restored and placed back into service without ever having to remove them from the golf car. The Dynapulse™ is changing battery recharging and maintenance as we know it. For distribution centers, cold storage grocers, 3PL’s and manufacturers of various electric vehicle applications, the Dynapulse™ is understood to be a simple and very effective battery replacement cost saver. The Dynapulse™ is postured to save retail giants, lift truck and a leading golf car manufacturer millions is battery replacement costs each year. During our introductory offer period, the end user at a golf course or battery service providers can easily purchase a Dynapulse™ battery restoration chargers for less than the average cost of a new golf car.
Each Dynapulse™ system is as easy to operate as a simple charger. There are three Dynapulse™ models to choose from and each one can be used as a stand-alone battery reconditioner that reconditions and charges batteries, or they can be safely used in conjunction with your conventional chargers for faster reconditioning. One of our preferred Dynapulse™ customers at Club Car was astounded by the near immediate ROI.

Millions in Saved Battery Replacement and Service Costs
The history of these restoration chargers has been over 8 years long and well proven by the US Military and the Department of Defense. There are over 1300 systems in place at fleet maintenance yards around the world and this year alone, over 300 more restoration chargers have been sold. Over the years these battery reconditioners have been implemented as the new standard for charging and reconditioning lead acid batteries for numerous government agencies. These US military bases, commercial aviation and government installations have experienced millions in saved battery replacement and service costs. With our diagnostic process and the patented Dynapulse™ technology we can teach our customers to effectively qualify batteries for reconditioning in a couple of minutes. Our diagnostic process removes the guess work for battery technicians and saves them valuable time. We show all of our Dynapulse™ customers how to determine which batteries can be effectively reconditioned and restored and which ones have cell shorts or plate corrosion.

Dynapulse™ Distributors on the Horizon

 The Dynapulse™ technology continues to boggle the minds of 20 and 30 year veteran battery and charger specialists. The Dynapulse™ has delivered such remarkable results it has even swayed a senior engineering group for a global manufacturing giant of electric vehicles. Right now, several forward looking companies are posturing themselves to capitalize on the distribution of the Dynapulse™ through their national and international dealer networks. These companies see opportunities to increase market share over their competitors while encouraging loyal customers to remain faithful with cost saving service offers for their batteries.
Why are these companies preparing to provide their global dealer networks with Dynapulse™ restoration chargers? They want to lead in customer satisfaction and "stronger dealership networks”. They also want to make sure they are saving as much money as possible on their own battery replacement costs. We showed these companies how easy it is to restore 50% -80% of their “junk” batteries. Without a Dynapulse™ those batteries would still be “junk”, however, those batteries were restored and returned to service with $25,000.00 back into their budget in less than a month. Keep a look out for the next major Dynapulse™ distributors. They are on the horizon.
Give your profit margins a boost this month by purchasing a Dynapulse™ battery restoration charger directly from Modern Battery Solutions.

For information on purchasing a Dynapulse™ battery restoration charger, or on becoming a Dynapulse™ dealer, contact us directly at: 714-248-9288 or view us on the web at

The Dynapulse™ Battery Restoration Chargers
Patented Military Proven Technology!
Only Available through

Contact us for referrals to service providers using the
Dynapulse™ battery restoration chargers.
714-248-9288 •




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