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May 20, 2006


After more than 7 years of development and testing in Asia
Tenacious Battery Revitalization System?
has entered the market here!

LOS ANGELES ? For over 50 years there has been an onslaught of products that have promised to renew life in industrial lead acid batteries. The 2 main reasons that such a product would find welcome arms and a huge market are: financial and environmental.

By injecting a minimal amount of Tenacious Battery Revitalization System? into each cell of a NEW wet lead acid battery you will have doubled its life. By taking an older, undamaged battery and injecting this solvent into each cell you will have revived the ability of the battery to perform like new (shorter charging time and longer operating time).

Claims similar to this have been talked about and promoted to the equipment industry, especially in the case of large 24 + volt batteries, but Tenacious has proven itself to perform above the other products out there.

Recently, the Chinese Government took the top 24 battery additive solutions and tested them all. The one solvent that actually dissolved the sulfation and restored the battery to new was Tenacious (the product name in Japan is ?Laslon-G?). The government is injecting this solvent into their railway batteries and the UPS batteries for cellular phone central offices. They are also in construction of a plant that will manufacture ?Laslon-G? based on a licensing agreement with the inventor in Japan.

Right now Tenacious will provide a FREE Demonstration of the product. Simply by going to the website mentioned below and filling out the Questionnaire Tab a sample of the appropriate amount of solvent will be sent out.

 It has been scientifically proven to dissolve the built up sulfation and restore the proper balance within the electrolyte solution. See the graphs attached.  It has also been found that the only reason for it not to work is due to internal damage of the battery, which is usually caused by allowing the sulfation to build up over a period of time while it corrodes the lead plates causing them to be brittle.

 For more information please contact:

Mike Pomerantz
or go to:
Director of Marketing


Click here for more information




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